3 Ways to Live a More Authentic Life


You can feel when you're not living authentically. It doesn't feel good.


Doing work you don't love, being in a relationship that doesn't meet your needs or not speaking your truth in any area of your life are ways you get stuck living half truths for yourself.

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How to Do Meaningful Work

I was talking to someone today who is a very busy person. Mayor of a city, in fact.

With a full schedule, she has to be selective about her time. So she creates a couple hours of focused time for her own personal needs like our yoga sessions together. By doing that, she has greater focus and impact in the meaningful work she does.

I've noticed there is a direct correlation between my focused time and my effectiveness.

As a yoga teacher, I have the opportunity to impact people's lives, which makes my work feel meaningful.

To have this meaningful impact it takes focused time. Without it, I could miss an opportunity to impact someone who needed to hear that quote I didn't read, or do that meditation that I forgot about.

(We've all been to classes where the teacher is on autopilot or unprepared.)

Whether you are a teacher, parent or CEO, it might be interesting to audit your own time and see how much of it is focused, meaningful work. Are you content, or would you like to increase your focused hours and impact on the world?

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The Happiness Protocol


There is power in happiness!

(We downplay that in our culture, as if "just trying to be happy" isn't a noble goal.)

I remember feeling a bit embarrassed when my daughter Leah, then a 3rd grader, told me about the class essay they wrote about what their parents do.

Did she write about my work? My paintings? My fitness program? Nah...

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Energy Tune Ups

Energy gets funky.

Some days it feels like an uphill climb. You’re tempted to be mediocre. Or quit.

But you’ve got important work to do in the world and can’t afford to not show up when you have to.

Whether you’re a yoga teacher, a parent, healer or ANYONE who must show up day after day and deliver, you want to find a way to deliver your best.

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Beware of the Yoga Scam

Your 200 hours of yoga training was amazing but made your head spin. It taught you the basics but left you still feeling insecure about being ready to actually teach.

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It's Beyond The Pose

If true spiritual growth and satisfaction came from mastering difficult yoga poses, most of us would experience enlightenment only in our dreams.

Real yoga wants us to wake up.

It tells us to awaken and stop moving through our life as sleepwalkers, caught up in the dream that what we see is the only reality that exists.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Literally.

This "sleepwalker" syndrome is the source of our persistent feeling that something is missing. And there is. There is a  G  -  A  -  P  between our current life experience and our life as we want and hope it to be.

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Meditation and Motherhood

Juggling family and career - how do you get it all done?

More importantly, how do you find time for yourself? You need your yoga practice, your ME time.

I’m a firm believer that meditation can help you to be more efficient and even happy (!) while you navigate being a girl boss and a mommy.

Here are some research-backed ways meditation can reduce your stress, help you make peace with your working mom status, improve your productivity, and overall transform your satisfaction with life...

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Ouch, My Ego Hurts

According to an article in the Dartmouth Journal of Science,

"High levels of stress, even over a short period of time and in vastly different contexts produce negative results such as prolonged healing times, reduction in ability to cope and heightened vulnerability to infection."

Eeks. It's hard on the ego too.

Because your brain becomes foggy under the effects of stress, you don't think as clearly as you normally would. This impaired thinking affects your memory and reasoning too.

The result? You say really stupid stuff, do things you regret or forget things you know that you know. Ouch. Embarrassment.

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Enjoying the Ride?

I watch how the kids love to twirl in circles - whether dancing or riding a carousel. It just feels good. Wonder why?

 We are all composed of energy that whirls and flows; dynamic and changeable energy wheels. Trauma or daily stress can throw your energy out of whack and when these energy wheels, called chakras, get unbalanced life can feel harder than it needs to feel.

 Because your chakras have the momentum of a merry-go-round, once they get going in one direction it takes some effort to reverse directions. 

 If this sounds like your experience, I've got good news. 

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Just Do It

If you need some willpower to harmonize your actions with your intentions, do this. It can be the difference between the future you envision or remaining stuck in the past.

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